Online Articles

2007 UCSF iGEM Wiki
Location, Location, Location:
Directing Biology through Synthetic Assemblies and Organelles

2007 UCSF iGEM Program
The partnership between Professor Wendell Lim from University of California, San Francisco and George Cachianes, a passionate teacher at Lincoln High School.

2007 SFGate Newspaper Article
High School biowizards break new ground in winning competition

2008 UCSF iGEM Wiki
Chromatin Memories
A new tool for Synthetic Biology

2008 UCSF iGEM Wins National Honors
An article from the Lim Lab at UCSF about Genetic Engineering

2008 UCSF Youth Scientists
Youth Scientists Honored for UCSF-Backed Biotech Project

2008 SFGate Newspaper Article
Students do cutting-edge biotech work

2008 Sangamo Patent
Patents and iGEM

2009 Wendell Lim: iGEM at Congressional Biomedical Research Caucus
Wendell Lim, PI/Professor at UCSF on iGEM

2009 UCD iGEM Wiki
Celiac Disease

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