Water Cooled Computer

Right Now

And how it came to be:

I started college off with a MacBook Pro, got a TV, and enjoyed this set up very much.
It was simple

After having it for 4 years, in 2011, my MBP finally died on me.  I believe it must have been the strain put on by having to power a TV with the soldered on GPU to the Logic Board.

Having housemates with modified and custom built computers, and seeing how much faster a well built PC could be, it really intrigued me to build my own.

Knowing almost nothing about how computers worked, I spent a week learning the basics of how to build a good computer from reading articles on line, and videos I found on NewEgg.

After I figured out what parts I needed: I did some research, compared some specs, and in a week, I made my order.

Mobo & Ram



Put together inside a Corsair Case
Forgot to take pictures of the CPU Turbine Fan/Corsair 850AX PSU, SSD, WD C.Black HDD


Having built this big beast up, I was quite happy.
I achieved a 4.8gHz overclock with the i7-2600k Sandy Bridge at a measly 1.378 VCore.  Truly amazing.
With the SSD, boot up time (cold start: from pressing the on button to being able to surf the web: open mozilla/chrome) took 27 seconds.

Computer Parts

My box mountain

The mod bug hit hard.
Since I already built such a beast.  Lets make it cooler!

So more time spent researching, then ordering.. and waiting..


In preparation for the new parts
The comp is naked, lol

They’re here!!

Putting old parts in

Gold Bling Block

The Station

Our house’s variety of keyboards

SteelSeries 7G vs 6G


Mad Catz RAT 7 vs RAT 9

SteelSeries 6GV2 & Logitech G700
Logitech >>> Mad Catz

New Mobo


In they go



Danger Den WaterBox Plus

Look what came in the mail

Reference Radeon was like a jet turbine..


Specs now are:

4.7gHz OC @ 1.128 VCore Ivy Bridge
Temps < 50C
Cold Boot Time: 22 seconds

Got some new stuff =D

A blue ray drive so i can watch Blu Ray Quality movies and install stuff without going through the hassle of a boot usb or external drive

The ssd I wanted

Very very sharp and clean beveled edge like the iPhone 5

Whatta’ mess

Still hella’ fun though

Cold Boot Time: 20 seconds

What’s next?
Sleeved Power Cables!

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